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If you love a good western frontier orphan book, boy did I wrote An Orphan With A      Destiny for you. My names Raymond Cook and I’m delighted you found my orphan book website. A drunk driver in California ended my military career in 1974. Years    later, I took a creative writing class as an elective in college. That class opened the doorway to my becoming an author. I discovered storytelling was my passion. But it wasn’t until 2011 that I wrote my first novel. I’m 66 now and have self-published 34 western frontier fiction tales in the last 9 years, mostly set in Colorado in the 1890s.

As an independent author, I’m responsible for my readers’ satisfaction when they purchase one of my eBooks. My goal is to make sure you enjoy the story I’ve written. I strive to bring my books characters to life in the reader’s mind. I love a good plot with characters you can grow fond of and that the story has a happy ending. I         published my first novel, Was It Fate Or Destiny? in 2011. That book started a       journey which culminated into, An Orphan With A Destiny and  The Railway       Children Chronicles in 2018.

I grew up watching all of the western tv sitcoms, and I can’t recall any of them       showing the plight of children who became orphans, and were forced to struggle to survive. The expression in the child’s eyes on the cover of An Orphan With A Destiny, compelled me to write this powerful story. In this novel, I bring to life, the historical elements of towns and the people who live there. Sit down in a comfortable chair, take a sip of your favorite drink, and get ready to enjoy this western frontier orphan story. I hope you’ll lose yourself for a while in the old west era. Thanks for visiting my author website.


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What Will Katelyn’s Destiny Be?

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An Orphan With A Destiny, written by Raymond Cook, is a well-crafted and cleverly plotted 197-page story, about six-year-old Katelyn Audrey Grant’s life as an orphan. Her parents, Herbert and Grace Grant, and most of the inhabitants of the town of Marble, Colorado died in a massive Indian attack in 1899. Terrified, and in shock from witnessing the attack, she has no memory of her parent’s or her birth name. The Catholic priest in Redstone in charge of the orphanage, gave her the name Corin.

The people of that town were compassionate, and did their best to help the children believe they’d be adopted by a good family. From the time Katelyn becomes an        orphan until she’s almost 18, it’s a character-driven story of survival. The following spring, families came forward and began adopting the children. The first children to be adopted were boys, because they were stronger and better able to work on a farm. When a couple from Carbondale visited the orphanage and adopted Corin, she was excited to be part of a family again.

But when they returned to their one-room cabin, she’s forced to sleep on a blanket on the floor and had many chores to do. If she didn’t do the chores right, she was threatened with being beaten. Frightened, she runs away. The residents of                 Carbondale were different from the residents of Redstone, and cared little for the plight of the orphans in their town. Corin joins the ranks of many other orphans      living on the streets begging for money, working in the fields, drinking from water troughs, and struggling to find a safe place at night to sleep.

This is a riveting, deeply moving, story of hardship, tragedy, and survival, for       someone so young. Corin desperately wants to feel loved. Will she find the answers to her past that have haunted her entire life, who her parents were, what her true name is, and ultimately, what she was destined to become?

  Discover what Katelyn’s destiny is at the end of the story.

-Reader’s Comment Section-

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing an orphan         defying the odds–and let’s face it, life as an orphan in 1900 had plenty of hardships and danger. If you enjoyed reading this eBook, would you consider writing an Amazon review? Reviews are important to other readers who are considering reading an author’s book.

Amazon comment from Emily C. February 26, 2018. What a joy it was for me to read An Orphan with a          Destiny. The author has developed each character so well, I could identify with all of them. In particular,      Katelyn’s sensitive loving nature, genuine concern for     others, healthy values and sense of vision give her the courage and moral strength she needs to discover her own destiny. When I got to the last page, Katelyn had become as dear to me as my own daughter! I highly                 recommend this orphan story. 

Amazon comment from E. Aaker, April 25, 2018. This book is based upon the hardships upon orphaned           children in the wild west. If I had to use few words to sum up the overall feeling of this book it would be ‘hardship, determination and hope.’ This book takes you through a child’s young life, with family, friends and love to a fate of the unimaginable. She loses her family, home and worse of all has no idea who she is. As she learns to survive and fight just to stay alive, this book will take you on her journey on how she becomes a young adult and seeks out the killer who is targeting the orphans. I think this book not only hits home on what life was like for a child in the 1800’s but also creates concern for children who are now in our legal system. It made me reflect on the challenges children face today. Well done, well researched and written. I highly recommend. 

Amazon comment from Samuel Mejorado, August 1, 2018. When I clicked on Orphan books, I saw a variety of books to choose from. But the book cover of this author’s particular book won me over to read it. I love old westerns whether they are my dvds or favorite sitcoms I see on cable. What I liked most about this book was the main character, (Katelyn’s) personality. I would have loved to have seen An Orphan With A Destiny in DVD format. I would have watched it many times.  

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What Will Katelyn’s Destiny Be?

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